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Litchfield Hills, founded in 2008, specializes in the sourcing of pre-owned inventory for new vehicle dealerships and select independent dealerships.

In 2021 we opened a direct-to-consumer dealership in Litchfield County Connecticut to offer our most desirable vehicles to customers in person or online using proprietary software designed to decrease the friction in the buying process.

After three decades of experience working in all departments of automobile dealerships, including the overseeing of operations for an entire auto group, John and Dylan recognized the opportunity being created by the lack of true customer focus at big dealerships.  The focus at these large dealerships has shifted to paying for majestic facilities, not investing in training and employee retention leading to inconsistent customer interactions.  The massive consolidation currently underway is eliminating the small business owners that operated automobile dealerships and were part of the community.

Litchfield Hills Motor Cars improves your experience by:

-Sourcing and offering the most desirable pre-owned vehicles previously only found consistently at large dealerships.

-Pricing the vehicles based on the market at a true transaction price eliminating the need to haggle.  Our low country overhead results in less expensive prices.

-We accept all vehicles in trade and will buy your vehicle from you even if you do not purchase a vehicle from us.

-Most importantly, you will always work directly with an owner.  It’s our reputation and we are committed to having long term relationships with our customers.

Thank you,

John & Dylan

Thank you Watertown for all of your support!

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